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Responsibilities of Enterprise Architect.

The work of the enterprise architect is to oversee planning, strategize, analyze and oversee the positive development and accomplishment of the strategy. The enterprise ensures that the procedure that is used in planning of the given business is done in the correct way from the beginning to the end so as the necessary business changes get through. The important procedure is followed from the start to the end so that the changes made assures the relevant changes. The experts employ the essential factors from the beginning to the end to see to it that the procedure succeeds. The enterprise architect is also involved in the process from the start to the end.

Ultimately or straight, the responsibilities of the enterprise architect are felt. The main architect has the ability to push towards the attainment of the organizational objectives. One of the ways through which the architects contributes to the business is through organizational of the existing design or plan. The factors which contribute to the necessary changes needed by the organization. Organization of the business in instilling discipline is also possible. As the change is being made, all the relevant factors are brought together. The given individual oversees that there is a repeated execution of the transformations so as to succeed. The person also promotes the repeated decision making process for the given business. As a result, the given organization makes the beneficial decisions aimed at making a positive change.

Communication involved between the given stakeholders has to take place. The recommended relevant personnel have to be involved in the specified business. The execution of the idea passes through specified steps. He controls the success of the specified ides. Through proper publication and certification of the factors, the person ensures that the process is smooth. The supply of the required resources at the right time is done through the enterprise architecture. The chances of making of the decisions dependent on the technology is minimized by the architect. Making decisions based on IT demands that the person minimizes the general costs incurred on the technology based valuation. There is an increased transparency through frequent accessibility of the data. Any changes that could be made get displayed to all the necessary stakeholders of the given business.

Minimizing the risks that could be encountered is the work of the specified architect. He ensures that all the risk factors likely to be experienced throughout the procedure get minimized. Risks such as the security breaches that could lead to the system failure. The architecture combines all the factors necessary in making the changes aimed at improving the profit of the business. The factors that focuses at improving the profitability of the business increase the profit of the business. The relevant personnel in the business could be involved for the success of the strategy.

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